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Insurgency 24P Multimode

Insurgency 32P Multimode

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We'll be having a play test for GWAR3 on Sunday at 2:00PM EDT. You will require addons which can be downloaded via the updater tool ->

05 Sep 2014 - Packet Loss Today

Hello there,

Just letting everybody know that there are machines in the region of our box being attacked through the means of DDOS. Our server host is already aware of the situation and working towards a solution.

Our servers have been migrated to a fully-dedicated server box. As a result, all previous recurring payments have been cancelled as I've setup this server under my name (so I can pay the remainder of the bill each month - if this happens). If you'd like to setup recurring payments again, feel free to do so.

Our new server is currently runnin

24 Jun 2014 - Insurgency Server

Insurgency is currently on-sale for the steam sale - 55% off today ($6.74). Go buy it and come play with us.

Steam Description:

06 Oct 2013 - Battlefield 4 server?

Seeing as how there are a lot of us that have pre-ordered BF4/will be getting the game, I just wanted to see how many people would be interested in a BF4 server. Our server provider is offering pre-orders starting October 14th, so it'd be good if we can figure it out by then.

The only thing holding us back is money. Right now we
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